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Magnesium Hydroxide

General Information:

Magnesium Hydroxide (milk or cream of magnesia) is one of many salts of magnesium used clinically. Magnesium hydroxide is an organic compound with the chemical formula Mg (OH2).As a suspension in water .Magnesium Hydroxide is common antacid drug that is used antioxidant. Magnesium Hydroxide has a composition of Hydrated Magnesium Hydroxide contain not less than 95.0 percent and Not more than 100.5 percent of Mg(OH)2. Magnesium Hydroxide is common component of antacid and laxatives.It interferes with the absorption on of folic acid and iron.

Molecular Structure:

Ho——-Mg——- OH 

Magnesium Hydroxide Mg (OH2) is a white powder produced in large quantities
from seawater


  • CASNO.: 1309-42-8
  • Molecular Formula: Mg(OH)2
  • Molecular Weight: 58.33
  • Synonyms: Milk of Magnesia, Mint-O-Magnesia Maga

Physical Property:

  • Physical state: White powder, Odorless
  • Melting Point: 350 C(decomposes)
  • Solubility: Practically insoluble in water
  • PH: 9.5-10.5(5% Aqueous solution)
  • Flash Point: will not burn

Application & Use:

Magnesium Hydroxide Mg (OH2) is a safe and naturally occurring compound used, at a pharmaceutical grade, in natural deodorant products as aluminum, baking soda and other ingredients that are potentially irritating, ineffective, or hazardous. Widely used as an antacid in many Formulation. Also used as intermediate for obtaining magnesium metal, residual fuel additive, sulfite pulp, uranium processing, dentrifrices, in food as alkali, drying agent ,color retention agent, frozen desserts. Also widely used in Effluent Treatment Plant especially where the Effluents is very much alkaline in nature.

Advantage & Disadvantage:

You may someday need to take magnesium hydroxide to relieve symptoms of constipation. There can be side effects from using magnesium hydroxide and the most common side effect is diarrhea. With diarrhea can come abdominal cramps, discomfort, and even vomiting.

Shelf Life:

  • Expiry: 5 years after date of manufacture

Storage Recommendations:

Store Protected from Moisture.


20 & 25 kg net weight packed in LDPE Liner follow by HDPE Woven Bag.


You can also Download as par your requirement.

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